Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History

Many gamblers worldwide love to gamble, and they typically frequent local and online casinos to try their luck. Even Malaysians either go to licensed land-based casinos in the country or register in online casinos and play since it’s technically legal for them unless doing it in what can be classified as a common gaming house. Gamblers can try playing slot in a casino in Malaysia or try looking around for sportsbooks for horse betting.

Registering in an online casino in Malaysia allows bettors to bet without going to a land-based casino and even have access to Malaysia horse racing tips through the blog pages. However, not all bettors who won big through horse betting necessarily read up on tips to win big, so it might be better to just enjoy betting for the sake of it.

Anyone who’s trying to get rich off of betting should look into jackpot bets and multibets to benefit from the long odds and make a profit. It might seem hard to win such bets, but some people managed to pull it off and get lucky.

Steve Whiteley is one bettor who got lucky placing a £2 wager on a free racing ticket. He matched six random horses in a pari-mutuel jackpot and managed to get lucky since he chose a terrible horse along with five others. That horse lost its last 28 races and won the race that Whiteley bet on, allowing him to win £1.45 million.

Another bettor is Fred Craggs, who placed a 50p bet on eight different horse races in a parlay and won £1 million. He didn’t even expect to win and only wanted to continue betting when he found out he won after returning to his local bookmaker. Malaysian sports bettors can try replicating these results by betting on parlays, and hope that they get lucky and win. Should they want to get inspired by news of other people winning, they can check out this infographic by CM2Bet.

Biggest Sports Betting Wins in History