Omicron Variant What we know about the new coronavirus variant-01

Omicron Variant: What we know about the new coronavirus

The WHO has designated a new coronavirus variant B.1.1.529 as the “Omicron Variant.” The WHO has announced that countries should tighten border controls because of this outbreak. Researchers are currently testing this virus to determine its transmissibility, infection rate, and vaccine resistance. Now, at least 12 countries have reported cases of this new disease. In South Africa, scientists detected the latest variant in samples taken Nov. 14-16.

The Omicron Variant has been linked to one death in the U.S., and three cases have been reported. Two of these cases were in England and one in Scotland. Fortunately, these are not the first deaths caused by this new coronavirus variant. The UK Health Security Agency reports that the number of cases is rising, but it is still too early to tell how widespread this outbreak is.

Scientists haven’t known much about this new coronavirus variant, but the initial evidence is encouraging. Currently, 165 cases have been reported across multiple countries, including the United States, Belgium, and France. According to the Global Initiative to Share All Influenza Data, the Omicron has spread rapidly in many countries and increased reinfection incidence in South Africa. This makes the new virus a perfect fit for immune-escape variants.

On the other hand, getting COVID-19 testing PCR Test and fit to fly covid test is vital for travelers to countries with the disease. Getting COVID-19 tested is particularly important if you’re traveling with children. Vaccination is recommended for all travelers, but older adults and people with certain health conditions are at increased risk. 

Many people are not aware of the importance of getting tested for COVID19 before leaving the country. The CDC recommends getting the disease-prevention test at least six months before traveling. Depending on the country, you may be required to wear masks, get a test or stay home for 14 days. Before traveling, check with your doctor about the specific requirements in the country you’re visiting.

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