Month: April 2022

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Categories of Fraud

For more information, contact LoginID at or visit their website at If you want to have more knowledge about technology like real time fraud prevention and biometric identity verification read this infographic.

A Professional Window Film in Miami FL

Different types of window tint have different advantages. Some types offer better protection and will last longer than most car owners realize. See the infographic image from Kepler Dealer for more info about Window Tint in Miami FL and Auto Window Tinting in Miami FL.

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Mobile Security Threats and How to Prevent Them

Biometric identity verification is a common practice in many countries around the world. It uses a person’s face, fingerprints, or other biometric feature to verify an individual’s identity. This technology compares a person’s features against a database of known individuals. After a person provides all of the necessary information, the system will open the new …

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