Singapore Pools Betting: Understanding Exotic Horse Bets | Infographic

Hobbies are meant to distract people from their worries and stress – an act of leisure. For some, hobbies come in the form of reading, watching movies, or engaging in thrilling adventures, such as hiking. No matter what your hobbies are, their goal is just the same – to keep your mind off things. And this same thing applies to betting.

While betting may seem unconventional for many people, it is still a leisure activity. For the longest time, people have been continuously drawn to betting due to its entertaining nature. But more than the entertainment it brings, people love to play live or online betting Malaysia because they can make money. Many people have won thousands and even millions of dollars because of betting. And for this reason, some even made a career out of betting.

But before you think about betting to make money, it is important that you are familiar with the different types of betting available. This will help you understand the basics of betting and allow you to make more money.

Many sportsbooks Malaysia offer a great list of various sports betting. And one of their offerings is horse race betting. Like any other sports, there are plenty of betting types you can use when participating in horse race betting. One of them is exotic betting.

Exotic betting is a highly sought-after option, especially for horse race betting professionals. This type of bet allows gamblers to place multiple wagers on one race or in a series, which can lead to high payouts. And while the high payouts seem enticing, beginners should be careful as exotic horse bets can be complicated and costly.

However, if you are serious about learning more about exotic betting, you should start by studying vertical and horizontal exotic bets. Horizontal exotic betting allows bettors to wager on horses they think will win at least two to six races. All your horses must win the race to be considered a winner. If one horse loses, the entire wager is lost.

Vertical exotic betting, on the other hand, refers to multi-horse wagers in one race. This exotic betting type requires that the player correctly determine the order in which the horses will finish. There are three types: vertical exotic betting, exacta, trifecta, and superfecta. This infographic from CM2BET provides a more in-depth explanation of exotic betting and the differences between its types.