How to Choose the Right Coffee Machine

As a coffee lover, your primary goal is to make exceptional coffee for you and your companions. Despite the prevalence of coffee shops, there is something to be said for enjoying your first cup at home, possibly while still in your pyjamas, and without the hassle of waiting in line or interacting with other people.  

Bezzera Coffee Machines are essential to brewing the perfect cup of joe. Since there are plenty of variations in the market, it can be tough to select the right one. Below are some factors to consider to guide you:

Brew Size

Coffee machines can brew just what you need. While some machines are limited to a considerably tighter selection of settings, others offer a wide range of brew volumes.

Automatic or Manual

Another consideration is whether you prefer automatic or manual ECM Coffee Machines. The former allows you to brew quickly with only pressing a few buttons, which is convenient if you are in a hurry. Alternatively, the latter gives you a direct experience of the entire production of coffee. 


What budget do you have for your coffee maker? Your alternatives will become more limited if you decide how much of your budget you can allocate to a coffee maker.


All coffee makers must have a grinder, often known as a mill. This is because the final flavour of the beverage is influenced by how coarsely it is ground. Therefore, when selecting your equipment, you should consider whether the grinder has options for the grind’s coarseness.


By manufacturer and model, warranties might range from a 30-day guarantee to a one-year parts-and-labour warranty. Limited two or three years warranties that solely apply to manufacturer’s flaws are also rather typical.

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