Hot Stone Massage Training Course Online

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned massage therapist, a hot stone massage training course online can help you achieve your goals. This online course will cover the history and benefits of using hot stones as massage tools. It will also show you how these stones can benefit your clients and how to implement them in your massage treatments best. You will also learn about different treatments, including Swedish massage, hot stone massage, and even Reiki.

In addition to the theory of hot stone massage, you’ll also learn how to give a cool moonstone facial massage and six advanced therapeutic techniques. In addition, you’ll learn how to select suitable stones for each client and how to use them safely. The best part about a hot stone massage training course is that the program is accredited through the IPHM, which means that graduates can get insurance as soon as they complete their course.

When choosing an online hot stone massage training course, read the state regulations before making a decision. Some states restrict the use of bare hot stones underneath clients, which is illegal in some states. Be sure to check with your state’s massage board to ensure that you are not breaking the law. However, most courses are written without regard to specific conditions. You might see a sample video clip showing someone laying back on a hot stone in Arizona.

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