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Viral diseases brought to the fore the possibility of molecular point-of-use (POE) molecular genetic analysis for rapid diagnosis and treatment. With an economical and readily available source of nucleic acid – along with a fast and efficient method of extraction, a single laboratory technician could rapidly establish if a patient is infected with a particular strain of a pathogen. Or if a patient has a mild, non-contagious viral illness like the cold or chickenpox. Such tests can also show the likelihood of exposure to a genetic disorder or mutation in a DNA strand that could cause disease.

However, to achieve success in performing rapid tests for infectious agents, a knowledge of the pathogen that causes the disease should be available. The specific task of completing a DNA analysis on patients during a pandemic depends on the nature of the illness involved. For instance, in a well-recognized influenza pandemic, all medical staff should know the virus and its potential causes and control.

The challenge for medical staff in working in an influenza plague involves several issues. Unlike seasonal flu, a pandemic is brought by a virus with a life cycle that usually spreads between humans. It is efficient for every health care provider to understand the genetic mechanism of the virus so that adequate and sufficient medicines are used to counter the infection and prevent disease progression.

On the thirtieth (30th) of December 2019, the Corona Virus Disease 2019 began diffusing. Experts discovered that the virus started within a wet supermarket in Wuhan, China. Nonetheless, until now, the origin of the infectious disease is still unknown.

Thereby, the WHO, alongside the local governments, is innovating a fit to fly COVID test in return for an approved COVID fit to fly certificate. The reason behind this examination is to help global frugality continue with its enhancement. That is why when searching for a “fit to fly COVID test near me” on the search engine, several findings will emerge considering the authorities and health officials require these tests for the safety of everybody.

Learn more about these trials and read the infographic below, as Harley Medic International explains all the day 2 and day 8 test to release:

day 2 and day 8 testing