2 Butt-Lifting Workouts You Can Try at Home

2 Butt-Lifting Workouts You Can Try at Home

In most cases, women are insecure for not having the same body shape as other celebrities with sexy bodies and mostly have become the cover of any magazines. To build a strong buttock, toned thigh, and tucked tummy, you will need to perform exercises from all angles – since your butt plays a significant role in hip extension, rotation, and abduction. Selecting the right workouts that target each movement pattern help sculpt and strengthen your glutes. 

Glute Bridges

Glute bridges are a form of exercise that is great for all levels – the movement pattern does not differ from other complex exercises. You can perform this exercise by using either a dumbbell or a loop band. Also, you can do it without any equipment. To perform this workout, you can follow the guide below.

  1. First, lie on your back with your need bent and arms at your side. Your feet should be 12-16 inches from your butt. If you are using a dumbbell for this workout, you may hold it across your hip crease. 
  2. Next, press your heels, brace your core, and push your pelvis upward by squeezing your glutes. Ensure that your chest does not lift while doing this movement. 
  3. Hold for at least two seconds and lower your hips back to the ground. 
  4. Complete 8-12 reps of two to three sets. 

Leg kickbacks

Leg kickbacks is a low-load exercise that improves your range of motion, stabilizing your core and lower back and targeting your glutes. Below are the steps to perform this workout.

  1. Start in a quadruped position. Align your hands under your shoulders while aligning your knees under your hips. Take note that when you engage your core, your spine is in a neutral position.
  2. Next, lift your knee off the ground to try minimizing any weight shift. To straighten your leg, push your right help backward and slightly upward toward the ceiling. Make sure to avoid rotating your hips or shoulders by allowing your glutes to do most of the work. 
  3. You already performed one rep when you returned your leg to the starting position. 
  4. You may perform this workout 8-12 reps of two to three sets on each leg.

Maintaining a strong butt and toned thighs after losing weight helps you gain more confidence. You only need a regular workout to achieve your body goals. A 360 body lift is also a great option for a perfect shape. In that way, they can achieve that aesthetically perfect shape to gain more confidence in an instant.

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