Not All Biometrics are Created Equal: Why FIDO2 Passwordless Authentication is Top of the Line

Fraudsters nowadays are creative in showcasing their abilities to scam people when it comes to fraud incidents. With the rising number of cases related to this kind of issue, vendors and organizations ensure that they have the right tool to combat this. Incorporating stronger authentication like passwordless authentication in every digital transaction is recommended to prevent any scam from happening. 

But not all passwordless authentication systems can be created equal. Some platforms are stronger than others, but they still leave users vulnerable. While the weaker ones may be more effective at protecting an organization from cyber threats, they might not be enough. They might not be sufficient to protect users against threats that can defeat weak biometric authentication systems.

There are some limitations as well when it comes to other authentication. As criminals become more resourceful than ever, overcoming these vulnerabilities is necessary. Fortunately, some companies can employ solutions that you can trust.

FIDO2 Passwordless Authentication

Traditional password-based authentication is vulnerable, inconvenient, risky, and challenging to scale. FIDO2 addresses these weaknesses through standards that ensures privacy, security, choice, and convenience, and this can be scaled as well.

FIDO facilitates a digital signing scheme that uses hardware-based identity credentials and protects against phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks. Credentials are protected by strong cryptography and uniqueness across websites. They never go on a server and cannot be accessed by anyone else.

FIDO2 supports Web Authentication API. With FIDO webauthn, it allows web applications to use a single authentication method on all sites that support the standard. Its Client to Authenticator Protocol (CTAP), specification allows for expanded use cases and gives users greater device flexibility. CTAP allows mobile handsets to be used with FIDO2 security keys and browsers. This only proves that FIDO2 provides a more secure authentication method and a better user experience.

The evolution of FIDO2 is a sign of progress toward a secure passwordless network which makes more companies trust this.

To learn more about the features of FIDO2 Passwordless Authentication and why it is top of the line, read this infographic from LoginID.