Billy Connolly ‘just got stoned’ when he tried marijuana to treat Parkinson’s

Sir Billy Connolly tried smoking marijuana to treat his Parkinson’s disease but just got ”stoned” instead.

The 76-year-old comedian admitted while he hadn’t had the drug in about three decades, he decided to see if it would help with the incurable disorder – which leaves him shaking and struggling to move – but it didn’t quite go to plan.

Speaking to the Radio Times, he revealed: ”I just got bomb happy. Just stoned. It was quite pleasant, but I don’t want to do that every day.

”I was never very good with marijuana, I always got too stoned and it always lasted too long. I stopped all that about 30 years ago.”

The star – who was diagnosed in 2013 – also took the opportunity to fire back at Sir Michael Parkinson, after the 83-year-old recalled a ”sad and awkward” meeting with Billy and said he wasn’t sure the comic recognised him.

Now, he has angrily responded: ”These Yorkshiremen, I don’t think they apologise much. I wasn’t disappointed, it just made my life a bit difficult.

”People feeling sorry for me, I don’t like that. They read about me in the papers and think, ‘Oh, he’s not well.’

”They’re right, but I’m not as bad as they think I am… He should get on with selling funerals and leave me alone.”

Meanwhile, last month Billy revealed he is willing to be a ”guinea pig” in a bid to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease, which causes parts of the brain to become progressively damaged over years.

He admitted he’s been in contact with stem cell scientists at Harvard University about using him to advance their research and, hopefully in the long run, discover a cure for the condition.

Speaking in an extract taken from a book, published by The Scotsman, he said: ”I’ve spoken to guys working on it at Harvard and told them I’ll be a guinea pig for them. I think they are going to take me up on that.”


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