YouTuber Jeffree Star wants to start weed ’empire’ and fans are into it


Jeffree Star has revealed his plans to start a weed business after Michigan voted to pass the legal use of recreational marijuana.

It’s a logical next step from makeup, really.

The beauty YouTuber shared his plans to build his weed ’empire’ as he quote tweeted a news article about recreational weed being legalised in the state.

‘As soon as the laws officially change, I’ll be building my own empire in Grand Rapids and beyond… amazing news,’ he said.

Fans were into the news, and many even started coming up with pretty viable business plans.

Jeffree better be taking notes.

‘Can you make beautiful marijuana like you do cosmetics?’ one fan asked, with another adding: ‘”This Marijuana is SOOOO PIGMENTED”.’

Some took inspo from beauty YouTuber James Charles as they borrowed his catchphrase for a marketing idea: ‘He should call it the Sister Strain.

’ The plans come shortly after Jeffree launched his new eye shadow palette, Alien.





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