Do You Know About 7 CBD-Infused Products You Can Buy Right Now


You don’t have to get high in New York to enjoy the health benefits of cannabis. Here are some places to get your CBD fix.

Just because marijuana is still illegal in New York City doesn’t mean you can’t find it’s popular non-psychoactive cannabinoid, CBD. Not only does cannabidiol, abbreviated to CBD, relax you without the high, it also has a host of health benefits. CBD reduces pain, inflammation and skin conditions and improves your mood, even with casual use. On the medical side, this cannabinoid can treat epilepsy and neurodegenerative diseases. For all these reasons, CBD is increasingly popular, whether infused in soaps or added to coffee. Here’s where to buy CBD around New York City today.

Caffeine Underground

More than a hipster Bushwick coffee shop, Caffeine Underground has live music, thai chi and a diverse selection of CBD products. Using Queens-based Flower Power coffee beans, this Brooklyn hotspot will add CBD to just about any drink. They also sell Flower Power beans that you can bring home.

Ian Ford, the owner of Caffeine Underground, wrote to High Times, “They’ve [CBD snacks and drinks] become quite popular in the neighborhood, and we have regular customers who find it helps them work, study, relax, and even reduce their arthritis pain.”

And CBD goes way beyond coffee here. Caffeine Underground also sells CBD candy, smoothies and jams. Whether you’re trying to finish that novel or chill out to live music, you should check out this health-conscious cafe.


Not sure whether to turn up or slow down? A gin and CBD cocktail from 5th&Mad is the way to go. “Pot Luck” contains Bombay Sapphire, Midori, Chartreuse, citrus and simple syrup. Not only is it (appropriately) green but they add a little green garnish which, for the time being, isn’t a real marijuana leaf.

Plan accordingly, though. 5th&Mad only offers “Pot Luck” on Saturday nights

Clover Grocery and Cafe Clover

Clover Grocery is the epitome of West Village Chic. And with a growing array of CBD-infused product, they’re staying ahead of the trend. Clover Grocery offers fresh-made smoothies and juices, to which you can add CBD oil. For aches and pains, they direct customers towards CBD-infused topicals, like oils, soaps and lotions.

If you’re feeling more indulgent, they also sell Lord Jones gummies and eucalyptus and peppermint-infused vapes (from Wildflower)—all with CBD. According to Clover Grocery founder Kyle Hotchkiss Carone, they’re going to add CocoRau, another CBD product, in the upcoming weeks. These chocolates combine raw cocoa with CBD.

Hotchkiss Carone explains that they cater to a variety of CBD users. “Edibles are really appealing to people who are trying to experiment and don’t really know anything about CBD,” he explains. “There are people who are coming in because they have chronic pain […] Some people are just looking to relax, or they have anxiety.”

Oliver Coffee

The owners of this Chinatown coffee shop came to love CBD long before adding it to the menu. Aisa Shelley explains, “We, the owners, started using it in our coffee and beverages and thought it would be good to offer to our customers.” Oliver Coffee currently uses CBD oils and sells products from Natural Extract.

Mr. Shelley remarks that Oliver Coffee also caters to those who would rather skip the caffeine. “We wanted to pair it with coffee and also with caffeine-alternatives because that’s really big now too,” he says. Oliver Coffee currently sells a golden turmeric latte, a rose-infused maple syrup oat milk latte and a spicey chai, all of which are infused with CBD.

In addition to these off-menu items—ask the barista. they’ll know—you can add CBD to any drink on the menu. About his own CBD use, Mr. Shelley explains, “I find that it’s like taking a bunch of Advil. You just feel better. […] I take it in the morning and it makes me a little more optimistic and ready for the day.”

The Alchemist’s Kitchen

This East Village store focuses on plant-based wellness. They sell curated selection of holistic products from makeup to incense and also have an on-site herbalist.

When it comes to CBD, the Alchemist’s Kitchen also strives to educate. And with such a wide selection, they need to. This holistic grocery store sells lotions, Plant Alchemy capsules, something called a “cooling stick” by Wildflower, lavender soap, mint toothpaste and even lube, all with CBD. You can also buy CBD edibles and topicals for cats and dogs.

Not willing to make the treck? They have a whole section of their well-designed site dedicated to CBD.


Are you as hyp as the cannabinoid of the moment? Put on your Sunday’s best and head to narcbar any night of the week (except Thursday’s) for a CBD-infused cocktail. This fashionable cocktail lounge is affiliated with The Standard Hotel, and has all the trappings of trendiness with hanging plants and warm lighting.

For those looking for a potent yet ‘healthful’ drink, check out “Matcha Haze.” It daringly combines mezcal, gin, matcha, CBD and egg white. Hurry, though. Their menu is subject to change.

Weed World Vans

These vans look like they’d sell some intense edibles. Their products are even named for stains, from A.K. 47 to O.G Kush, and Purple Urkle. However, due to strict New York laws, Weed World can only sell CBD-infused lollipops. In fact, the NYPD tested their candy and determined that it contained little, if any, THC.

Weed World operates in Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans and some parts of Texas. Their main objective, aside from giving you easy access to CBD-infused candy, is promoting legalization. On their website, the company explains, “We tour the country in a fleet of “loud” vehicles promoting the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana.”

CBD Around NYC

Though New York is lagging behind the West Coast in all things cannabis, health nuts and weed enthusiasts are slowly but surely, normalizing CBD in the Empire State. Whether you want a lollipop, cocktail, lube or as always, chocolate, there are more and more options across the Big Apple. And with legalization on the horizon, we can dream of THC infusions.



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